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Our Scooter Range

Choosing the ideal power scooter that fits your individual needs and circumstances can be a little daunting; at Scottish Mobility Specialists we aim to help take some of the headache away...

Please feel free to browse our range in full, or, to help narrow down the initial range, please select the category of Scooter below that suits your needs.


From there you will see a simple search facility (price, speed, etc.) to narrow down the options to a smaller, more manageable choice of the ones that best suit your specific needs.


And remember, that if you are unsure on any aspect, or simply need a little further guidance, our team are always on hand to guide you through the options available...


Portable Scooters
Portable or Boot Scooters (4mph)

These are ideal for use indoors and for shorter journeys (up to 12miles) and for popping into the car boot for use when travelling.

Due to their compact size and relatively light-weight they are easy to transport and ideal for storage.

Most of these scooters can be dismantled and reassembled quickly and without the need for any tools.

They are used on the pavement only and can travel at a maximum speed of 4mph, which means they are also very easy to control. (Larger battery packs are available for some models).

Mid Range Scooters

“Mid” / Pavement Scooter (4mph to 6mph)

These offer great flexibility and give you the confidence to enjoy your freedom and independence on slightly longer journeys (around 20miles). They are normally slightly larger, more robust and more comfortable than boot scooters.

Although some mid-sized mobility scooters can be dismantled to transport by car, the components are heavier and a bit more difficult to take apart than boot scooters.

Pavement scooters or medium scooters can be used on the pavement or round the shopping centre (they will often have more available storage space on board for shopping, etc).


Large Scooters

Road (6mph to 8mph)

Roadworthy mobility scooters are perfect for those who want to travel further afield (around 30miles) or need a mobility scooter suitable for more rugged surfaces (country parks and walks for example).

Road Mobility Scooters tend to be larger, and have bigger turning circles which can make them harder to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

They are suitable for shopping centres, etc.; however, they are too large for use in most homes.


There are, within all 3 categories, a great many additional options available; inc. upgrading battery sizes for improved distances, adding improved suspension, storage for walking sticks, etc. Our Customer Service Team can guide you through these.

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